Wednesday, July 07, 2010

In the 'Burgh

We hauled ass across the state this Fourth to celebrate the nation's birthday and to catch the Phillies vs. the Pirates at PNC Bank Park. Fireworks and catching up with family and an old friend made it a terrific weekend.

Back in the day when Vince did his thing and schlepped there for a year I was a bitter and angst filled 22 year old. Never one to say, "No! Stay!" and know we'd both regret that, I said, "Go, you have to do what you need to do." Of course, I wasn't happy with it. Particularly on the heels of the 'rents separation, their issues, my overall struggles of figuring out who I was at that time. So Pittsburgh and I had a touch and go relationship. I never hated it...I just was never quite sold on it.

Fast forward to 2007 when I started at PennPAT. Since the program was statewide, I would spend the next two years traveling to/from the cities a few times a year and making friends with all my artists and managers who live there. I got to really see the city part of the city.

I can't say enough about that city. It's just so stinkin cool. Do the Pittsburgh folk know what a gem they have? Rivers, culture, hidden old neighborhoods, college life, festivals...they even have a corporate crew team. I kid you not. What I love most is nothing is overdone. You would think living in the Philly metro region that artists for example would get swallowed up but alas, everywhere I go, there is yet another lame ass modern dance company. Recreating the wheel. Yet another lame ass japanime graphic artist with his bobble head or bird image scribbled on a tee shirt or a piece of paper and hocking it as art. Everywhere I turn.

No doubt those types exist everywhere and in every industry but the Burgh is too small to keep them. Good. Because I like going to a place where I see fresh, decent talent. And I like the idea that should we ever move there, it's small enough that collaboration is already embraced...connections are already in existence and are meaningful. One might actually make a difference.

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