Monday, February 27, 2006

The Wedding Nazi & the Axis of Evil

I sometimes wonder why it is people say the things they say. I have a habit of being obnoxiously truthful though I like to think in the last 10 years I've gotten a tad better with tact. It's not that much shocks me. Even if it does, I'm almost pleasantly suprised that someone else is as forthright as myself.

No, it's more about how people use words to manipulate situations. That is drastically different from being a tad too honest. Truly honest people, even the obnoxious ones, aren't really out to manipulate - that requires too much thought. The Wedding Nazi has this down to a science. I know bits and pieces about my shower. Really, I didn't want to know anything, but whatever. That's another story. What I learned today is that the party is going to be catered and that it's costing a fortune. Wedding Nazi didn't go into major detail, but the tone of her voice and hearing all about the cost was enough to make me uncomfortable. Why? Why do that? It's supposed to be a happy time for me. Now I'll go into it fully aware of how much money it cost to host this party (as if I couldn't have figured it out) and basically how that's horribly inconvenient and Wedding Nazi would rather not do it all (trust me, Wedding Nazi is not really an entertainer and only does so on occasion because she has to or won't let someone else do it).

Then there was the discussion of the receiving line. Wedding Nazi could have been on Law & Order with the dramatic performance she was giving. I really don't like receiving lines - they take too damn long, half the time you don't know the people, and having stood in them way too often, I sympathize with others' discomfort and wishful thoughts to speed the procedure along. Perhaps I'd consider the line if it's just me and Vince shaking hands. NOT the entire party and parents. It's stupid. Well the Wedding Nazi proceded to lecture me about how my grandmothers really just want to wish me congratulations and why can't I just let them and the other guests wish me congratulations? That's all they want to do...and even at the reception with us going around to tables, well, there won't be enough time and the receiving line allows everyone to say something nice and obviously I'm so selfish that I want to rush things along and don't care about what my guests think or want to share even though it's purely unselfish on their parts to wish me congratulations.

Oh Christ. I mean, is this for real? Even Second In Command was like, What the F? I'm sure hoping Second In Command asserts some leadership in the coming weeks...maybe overthrowing Wedding Nazi.

Words manipulating situations to suite the Wedding Nazi and the Axis of Evil.

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Rebecca-bakesale said...

Craziness! I would have been happy with any old little nibblies at your shower--which guests weren't told was a surprise by the way. I just want to see you and keep pouring you drinks with lots of hidden alcohol.

And lines make me nervous too. As your guest, I don't want to say hi to all the random parts of the wedding part I don't know, sorry! But to add to all the wedding pressure, you better be sitting me, Ai, Beth, and our boys all together. I'm sure a corner is fine where we can snark away.