Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Nothing To Eat

Apparently no one wants to eat at this wedding. The Catholic Church and the food - the two biggest issues surrounding this wedding. They were issues in the beginning and floated through other discussions and now they are here again. Maybe the flowers could take a close third. Let's think about that. The Church, food, flowers. I mean what the F?

Vince and I had our tasting at the Townehouse the other night and we came away stuffed little pigs but with some well thought out plans for the food. Since there isn't a choice, we'd go with a chicken and we felt a breaded chicken stuffed with a little ham and swiss would be great. A twice baked potato and veggies on the side, a shrimp bisque soup and a caeser salad. Yum. And we chose our top two apps. Meanwhile back at the ranch (68 DOgwood Lane), the 'rents have had this menu for months...MONTHS...and even looked at it last week, knew about the tasting, knew about a details menu with the TH, knew decisions had to given 2 weeks out. Even knew about my crazy work schedule this week. I told them yesterday about the tasting and asked them to have their stuff squared away in time.

They don't care. They purposely controlled the information and didn't tell me they were purposely flaking out on the decision until 7:30 this morning. I mean, what the hell? Food is important and they haven't been giving its proper attention the entire time. Now with hours before the deadline, they are still floundering. I try to take control of my own details and this is what I get.

There's just no respect. No one is treating us like adults who know how to make a decision. I'm too disgusted to write any more.

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Beth said...

That's upsetting. The menu sounds tasty, though! I hopr it all gets resolved soon. Just think, in three weeks you won't have to be thinking about any of this anymore... you'll be lounging at your beautiful resort!