Saturday, April 01, 2006

Champagne In Heaven

Tonight I arrived home from work to a fabulous meal cooked by my fiance...tasty chicken marinated in a marsala wine served over a bed of pasta. Topped off with our favorite Panera Bread - Asiago Cheese. It was delictable. We toasted with our expensive champagne & strawberries to 1 Year in our house. One year of home loans (29 to go), home improvements, and living together. A whole year has passed - what an accomplishment. And while there has been a bounced check (or two), a squabble (or two) over finances, friends, chores, hosta plants, etc. amazingly, no one left!

But really, I'm thinking of all that right now. What was really going through my mind right then was how we need to this more - cook together, eat together, just make the time in our crazy busy schedules. The other thought? Staring at the floating strawberry in my champagne, I remembered the homily from his grandfather's funeral two weeks ago. This priest told a slew of stories - one thing I actually enjoy about a funeral service. Particularly that Dan loved his champagne. He told us he imagined there must be champagne in heaven for him. Probably the next time we have champagne will be at our wedding. I hope we remember his spirit right then too as I know he'll be with us on that special day...drinking his entire bottle of champagne in heaven :)

Speaking of -- 35 days to go!

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