Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hola Mexico

Many have asked in the last few weeks where Vince and I will be honeymooning. We'd have loved to visit Italy or Greece, but airfare and hotel expenses would have broke the bank. And really, you want to do Europe the way you want to do it. We decided to wait.

We still wanted tropical peaceful turquoise water and fabulous beaches and culture. We considered Puerto Rico but soon discovered that this little island can be quite expensive since everything is imported. Plus, we'd be on the north Atlantic side of the island where the resorts are - no pristine turquoise waters. Nix.

Finally we reconsidered Mexico. The travel agent pointed out all the positives - our dollar would go further, the waters are clear and gorgeous, we could swim with dolphins, dine with locals at little markets, snorkel, visit the ruins. Perfect. So without further ado, I present the Aventura Spa Palace - our abode from May 7-14.

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Beth said...

Wow Chris, it looks great! You'll have a blast.