Saturday, March 24, 2007

Going the Distance

In an attempt to get my ass in shape (beyond the pilates and occasional run) I signed up for a few 5Ks this spring. I'm on an 8 week training schedule with a few races between now and May 12. I figured the races motivate me to train, the training motivates me to stay in shape and cross train, and in the event that I gain weight (like I did when I ran the half marathon), it'd quickly come off by the end of May/beginning of summer.

So running outside this time of year always takes me back to the glorious days of spring track during high school. That first week of practice, being so pathetically out of shape and going on that first long (3 mi.) run where you run/walk/run/walk the entire length of Philly Pike, Governor Prince Blvd., Manor Ave. or Darley Road. And inevitably it rained and because you were the hard core runners, you donned your gear and windbreaker and whether it be 60 degrees and mild or 40 degrees and freezing, you trudged on. You come back to the lockers soaked, hot and sweaty/cold and sweaty, clothes reeking, sneakers soaked in mud, and muscles aching. The next morning you barely drag your whipped ass out of bed, let alone sit on the jon to do your business. Forget climbing steps to get to class. Your quads effing kill. And so it goes for another week.

Us track peeps...we went the distance. And here I am 11 years later doing the same. The icky running clothes are spotted with mud, water and sweat and the laundry has gained another load dedicated to workout clothes. I look forward to the 5Ks. While they are no 4x200 relay I anticipate my times improving over the next 6 weeks. I look forward to that intense surge near the finish. And like track, it's only 8 weeks.

Then I'll be back to pilates and yoga.

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