Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"You're Young"

I hate days like this. PMSed days when all I feel like doing is curling up in a ball and doing something mind numbing like scrapbooking, painting, reading. Instead I must carry on...work, think, be. I stare blankly at my Photoshop document of my soon to be new business cards. It took me about an hour or so last night to perfect the layout and now I'm stumbling over the words. That value prop. Things are in this uncertain state of start up so web pages, messaging, verbiage - it all changes.

I'm anxious about PA Presenters, wondering if it was the right move. There's this balance between spending time working with/for your clients and developing the actual business complete with its operational needs. I know I need the opportunity to meet with artists and organizations again and immerse myself into that conference experience again - which I loved - but I'm totally nervous too. I'll be the new kid - and a kid rightfully so. As Marc said - "You're young. " I'm nervous about leading a round table discussion, about being "on" and wondering if at 29 in front of a slew of presenters, artists, agents all older than me, I really know what the hell I'm saying and doing.

I just want to hear that it'll all be OK.

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Jill said...

Hey, Chrissie - I'm really late with this comment, but had to tell you: you know more than you think you do, so just get up there at PA Presenters and be honest. You're good at thinking on your feet, so go with it and it will be fine. And remember, every experience builds on the others.