Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fraulein Maria: My Hero

I feel like Maria in the Sound of Music when she's signing "I Have Confidence" on her way to the Von Trapp house - completely cool and excited about the new - until she arrives at the gates surrounding the gigantic mansion.


My print copy of Musical America arrived yesterday and I am tooling through this massive directory and I am completely overwhelmed. There are so many performing arts series, festivals, venues, and consultants. Where do I start? How can I possibly swim, let alone stand out in this huge ocean? How can I possibly attend PA Presenters?

Someone will likely plant a frog in my pocket or leave a pine cone on my chair. There will be many a Baroness Schrader who are calm, cool, established. How do you find a word that means Chrissie?! Will I triumph like Maria?!

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Beth said...

Chris, you don't have to publish this comment if you don't want... it's spelled "Fraulein." But I do like your spelling. And I think you're up to the challenge! It's good to hear that there are so many festivals, etc. - more chance for you to network!