Sunday, March 30, 2008


Maybe it's this time of year...maybe it's that we're both nesting (at least I can admit this though). New things are abounding left and right.

We rearranged the living room to create space. We also added a new rug and reframed this old Erlich print from the 70s (look can see the old buggy in the back). We took it to our favorite spot - The Framing Company in Newtown Square. There you can assemble it all yourself. The frame was my choice. I'm usually quite decisive about mats and frames but this one took me a tad longer, probably because it's from the 70s and we wanted to preserve that feel but also because the lithograph element of it tripped up up with colors. Finally I looked at it like a photo and realized a simple neutral mat was best (not the crazy yellow I originally thought could work - scary!) any rate, Vince joined the frame, the gal there cut the mat, and my favorite part? Staple, staple, adhere ATG to the back and drop on brown paper. Fold down sides, trim and add the wire. Seriously, this was always my most favorite part of the framing process.

Of course this print is BANGIN' in our living room now. Good for us.

Last week I snagged Easter flowers for the grandparents and couldn't help but pick a few out for myself. These combined with the ever growing indoor plant collection have our downstairs looking like a mini arboretum. I'm not sure how they've survived considering I never had a green thumb before last spring.

Speaking of a green thumb, I've lusted over the wellies for some time now. However I couldn't bring myself to purchase a pair of boring old green or black wellies. The Gap had these online and I jumped on them. They are just dying to get outside once the weather warms up and mulch with me. Of course I do still need a pair of crocs. Like the wellies, no boring color will do. Purple, pink or green for me.

Finally, a pretty, clean dog on some new carpeting. This extends up the stairs and into the hallway. It's called Robin's Egg Blue. I'm a big dork about color names and labels like "Blue" or "Cream" just don't suffice for me. When we moved into our house, Vince, his pal Mike and our realtor, my cousin Kim, all came up with the name Mocha Latte for the carpet in the master bedroom to fool me. Because of course I said, "No Beige!"

If you're an artist you understand.

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