Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vintage Bags

I love vintage handbags. Heart them. Anytime I visit a vintage store, besides perusing the racks of dresses (and coats when the weather permits), I gravitate toward the bags. Up until now my only rules have been that I like it and it's it in decent condition. I'm not a designer girl by any means but lately I've been thinking I want to invest in an authentic vintage Gucci or Burberry bag. This is a challenge since the knock offs abound on the market and moreover, most eBay sellers aren't savvy enough to spot real from fake. I found an adorable tote on the auction site last week but the pattern wasn't usual for Burberry. Normally I'd be all over something off the beaten path except in this case, it sent red flags up the pole. Sadly, the seller couldn't provide me with any sort of serial number to certify that it is indeed a true Burberry. It was only $40 and I considered buying it because the shape and style were so me, but then I thought I'd rather put that $40 into the real deal. Furthermore, if and when I decide to flaunt a label like that, it sure better be the real thing.

So I moved on and found a great Gucci bag. It's doctor bag style. This one has a serial number but alas, the ever annoying reserve. Alternatively, I could buy it now for $200 which is probably a good deal but then I think about all those other truly unique bags I might buy with that $200. Hmmm.

I remembered this adorable wicker handbag my grandfather bought my mom in the late 60s. He purchased it in Miami. I saw a few similar bags on eBay (and some other vintage bag websites) and started a list of 1950s and 1960s handbag designers. In less than a week I've scoured tons of sites in my research and found this approach to be my calling. I love that these bags (and their designers) so fabulous for their day. I love that older generations can speak to how beautifully handcrafted and desired the bags were then. That the names float under the radar but they are held in such regard and collectible.

These 60s designer lucite boxes are on my to buy list. I also thought besides toting them around town they would also make for great jewelry boxes. I can place them on a dresser and store my ever growing collection of bracelets and necklaces and whatnot.

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