Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Grandpop Bonanni

My late grandfather passed away in January 1992 and to celebrate what I think will be his 85th birthday tomorrow - January 13 - I'm collecting stories, memories and photos from my family today.

Here are some of my memories:

Duck Pond
Pennies from the jar
He was one of a handful of people that wrote out my full name
Tons of kiddie movies on his Beta VHS - Chip & Dale, Bugs Bunny, lots of Disney
Rope swing at Malaga
That NY had the best pizza ever -- still no denying that!
Round Ball Round Ball
Penny Poker - compliments of John
The rainbow that spread clear across the sky at his funeral
Christmas at Wannamaker
Coming to my First Communion (in NY) and the beautiful doll he and Grandmom gave me as a gift. The $50 gift that then went toward my pink Huffy bike.
Genesis' Follow You, Follow Me

It's also uncanny that at times my son is the spitting image of him ;)

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