Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Traveling Cunundrums

There's really no way to vent about this without sounding like a complete snob but I'll try anyway...

I or perhaps, we (my husband and I) are at a point in our lives where certain things matter to us. For example, traveling. I'm the planner in the relationship for sure, but roles aside, the bottom line is, we know what are must-haves: A decent hotel or house, a pool, some culture, some boutiques, some interesting things to do/see nearby, wifi, a massage place, and if we bring the boy, some kid friendly places too.

I say this because we're realizing that at some point in the past 5-7 years, what we did then and what we do/want now with friends has changed. Once we were all in similar boats and certain situations were completely fine. Factor in kids and some of those luxuries I mentioned above and suddenly it makes more sense to just do our own thing. Because well, we're not cutting THOSE corners.

Regardless of others' financial situations, let's face it -- some people just have totally different priorities. Some are just spendthrifts. That's fine. I'm not going to tell you how and where to spend your hard earned cash, or what's important to you. But I'm starting to have issues with those folks that almost never can nor want to go out once in a while...or drive somewhere...or do something that doesn't always involve me coming to them so they can save a buck or not be inconvenienced. I admit if I care enough, I can suck it up. For a good while.

But when is enough enough? When do you say - I have standards (or priorities), they are higher (or different) than yours and I'm not sacrificing just so you get what you want, again, or because to make something within your budget?

See, this is what I mean about seeming like a snob. Around friends and family you love. And if we want something bad enough, do we pony up the extra cash? Do we keep doing what we're doing, feeling like we do it all? That the proverbial street is one way? Certainly there are intrinsic benefits I'm not accounting for but do like to know that you matter just as much to others that they are willing to contribute once in a while.


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