Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Prayer Time

I started Prayer Time with my son back in August, right as I finished up a week of leading service learning. A combination of being immersed in prayer and reflection that week and wanting to introduce him to simple gratitude prompted doing so at bedtime. Now he asks for it. "Mommy? Name fadder son amen?" I have on a few accounts tried to slip out of the room sans prayer to cut the bedtime routine down but alas, he does not let me! It's a good thing, I know and I'm glad he does like it and considers part of the routine.

I wish I could find some appropriate prayers to say with children. I imagine the concept of prayer is a tough one for a 2.5 year old to grasp. I have often asked him for whom we should pray or for what is he grateful. I get myriad of answers: Grandpop, Johnny, David, the red shirt, trains. I try to take the toys and turn them into being thankful for little things and being in a place to have and share things that so many others do not have. And to pray for the less fortunate. I try to talk about his day and mention the really great parts. But it's definitely a list.

My biggest frustration though is that so often he talks right through prayer time. I find myself shhing him! I'm trying to teach him it's a time of quiet and reflection. Again, esoteric concepts to a toddler. Truthfully, selfishly, it's also my time too to pray. Sometimes I throw in a thought about my day or business or a situation. I get a little annoyed when I'm thinking of how to phrase something so he understands...and he's interrupting talking about his sippy cup, the frog, his blanket, or his tag.

All that said, I am glad we make the time and have it together. I'm sure as he grows, the prayer will too. Like anything, I have to have a little faith. Be OK with where we are as mom and son and know it's good that we do make the time to pray and thank God for our blessings.

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