Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A tale of a frog

I imagine Frog is the missing character in Toy Story. When Mitch left him behind in the TECO Theater bathroom last week, post Grog performance, I suspect that he woke up and ran to the bathroom door, pounding on it and screaming at the top of his froggie lungs, "WAIT!! COME BACK!!!" and then sobbing a la Woody and hoping his beloved Mitchell or Mitchell's Mom would return for him.

Well Mitchell's mom dove through hoops to find him, that is for sure. Upon the realization that Frog was MIA, my brain ran through the morning's activities, quickly retracing steps. He had Frog during the performance and afterward. We went to the bathroom hoping to find a changing table but alas, there was none. I did, however, do my business and...that was the last time I saw Frog. He must be there!

I scampered over to the theater only to find it locked. My mind raced - Mo. She is the Director of Operations and I know her well. If I could find her, I'd be able to get into the theater and rescue Frog. Before I spotted Mo, I found an usher and explained my predicament, asking if there might be any way she could let me in the theater. Sure, she said. Follow me. And back we went.

I held my breath as I opened the door to the ladies room. What if? I was only 90% certain he was there...what would I do? What would I tell Mitch when he finally realized Frog was gone and said, "No, mommy...other frog!" as he often does (he has two frogs, this one being his favorite). This is my baby's favorite stuffed toy...favorite toy hands down. I couldn't bare the thought of Frog being lost forever...lost somewhere in Tampa. I love Frog too.

I gingerly opened the door to the stall and at first I didn't see anything to my left. Then, a quick glance to my right and there was Frog. On the ground but there. Dirty but there. I scooped up the little bundle of love and gave it a hug and carried it proudly out the door, thanking Usher Katherine the rest of the walk back to IPAY headquarters. I had missed a showcase performance and desperately needed coffee but they were worth sacrificing - for Mitch and for Frog.

Frog was washed up that afternoon at cousin Amy's house and restored to his grandeur.

There were a few more moments of panic over frog's whereabouts as the vacation went on but thankfully, he ventured no further than a few feet away and no more potty breaks.

Here's a cameo of the little guy. Man's Frog. Who knew a baby shower gift would be his love?

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