Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Daycare Woes

So I've been a little stressed in recent weeks. Besides big things on the horizon for Piccadilly, I've been a little Type A over M's potty training and transition to the next class at daycare come September. The training has been improving but not as quickly as I would have liked or expected. It's tough because we've been pretty hard core with it since April. By July, several of M's classmates were being moved up to the older room, in preparation for the preK class come September. Mitch and a few others have been in their usual room but now with some toddlers that were moved up from the young toddler room. So to make it more clear - he was in his room with all his buddies that's been with since infancy. Now he's in a room with a few 3 year olds like himself but the vast majority are 2.5 or just turned 2. We were told he'd move up in September (and away from the 2 year olds) but we are unsure as to where that is exactly. This sort of transition place for 2.5-3 year olds or the actual preK class? The preK class has most of his pals and in actuality is where he'd be come 1st grade - with kids born in late 2007 and through mid 2008. So I can't understand why the hold on my kid...unless it's really potty related. And then I'm perplexed - a lot of the ones that are trained are girls or are boys with older siblings. Is my kid really behind? I didn't think so but it feels like it.

So of course I'm stressed about it. Several friends and teachers have tried talking me off the ledge, saying let it be...he'll go where it's most appropriate for him to be right now. He's only 3.

It's the overachiever in me. I don't like feeling like someone is holding my kid back. I'm open to hearing concerns but outside of the potty situation, his teachers sing his praises. So I do feel like he's ready for this next "place." If we were not at this daycare, I'd be putting him in a regular preschool this fall. I guess we'll see what happens. I suspect I'll be asking a lot of questions though come September and negotiating a reconsideration come November/December.

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