Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Holy Mother of God.

Today at 2pm I experienced my first ever earthquake. here. In Swarthmore. On the East Coast. I thought I had lost my mind and was imagining things. Suddenly my desk, laptop, chair and house shook. It lasted about 10 seconds. What the hell? Jules came down the steps and gave me a cocked eyed look and I knew she had felt it too. I mean, could both Jules and I be losing it?

Nope. A 5.8 quake from parts of the south on up to New York state, some Midwest states and some New England states.

My dog, kid, family and I all experienced a quake.

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Trish J said...

I thought the air conditioning kicked on in my building in Newark. And just ... didn't stop. I didn't realize it was an earthquake until I heard a coworker saying, "Wait - your building is shaking, too?" She was on the phone with a peer in Roseland. I stood up and was nearly taken off my feet - 16 stories up, it lasted way longer - about 40 seconds. Cool/scary!