Monday, August 29, 2011


Here we have my dolls. Two Cabbage Patch Kids. The dark haired one was my first, Christmas in 1984. The blond curly cued one was a gift a year later. Kimberly is the blond up front and I got her in 82/83. She actually came in pink hot pants and a gray and pink striped top. She was naked when I rescued her from.the rents basement and a quick ebay search led to the coveted cheerleader outfit. She has both roller skates still but one is missing a wheel. The blond with the braids and lavender outfit was my First Communion gift from Grandmom and Grandpop Bonanni, 1985. Every time I see her, even now, I think she is such a beautiful doll.

I loved my dolls...loved playing with.their hair, loved playing mommy, loved dressing them and laying them in carriages. I keep them here in my room, next to my bed and Mitch always says, "Mommy...dose your dollies?"

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