Thursday, August 18, 2011

Home Projects

As if I don't have enough going on, I'm thinking of some home projects that need attention this fall. They exist in my head so I need to jot them down, lest I forget.

Spraypaint my desk. It's actually a cool Ikea white with orange accent desk but the orange, while I love it, doesn't go with the living room. So I need to spraypaint it silver.

Wipe down walls. Seriously, the dining room walls are just filthy. I also managed to rip a piece of paint off one wall last winter and it still needs some spackle and touch up.

Wall decor. Our living room is lovely now (well except for the kid drool and dog fur on our sofa) but the wall above our media cabinet is lacking art. It's calling out for some things other than quadralaterals.

Mitch's room. Probably the biggest undertaking. I grabbed some swatches at our local hardware store. To my surprise and glee, they carry the Williamsburg palette and I found some grays, blues and oranges. Mitch got to choose wall color - he went with the gray/silver. So base boards will be this muted slate blue and the shelves will be a burnt orange. With a little lacquer, they should look great. But I think this project needs to start in October...and be a potential Santa gift as well.

A mid-century chair. I need something, whether it's vintage (preferred) or Ikea for our living room to create more of a sitting area.

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Trish J said...

I'm spray-painting my desk, too! White and glossy. I have the chair done already, but need to recover the seat.

Good luck with Mitch's room. Do you have any gigantic murals planned?