Monday, August 15, 2011

I Get It

Years ago when I worked at the D-town agency I would give my boss a ton of grief this time of year: conference season. He was an overwound toy most days and this time of year just meant his batteries were on overload and burning out a few times a day. The stress level was high to say the least. I was constantly cracking jokes or insisting he go get a cup of coffee and take a walk.

I'm not a terribly stressful person and when I am in that place I can typically manage it well. But now that Piccadilly is going full force into the conference season this fall, I get it. I now know how he felt and every single thing that goes though one's head - the panic, the 40 million things to do, and why won't people just leave me well enough alone to do it?!

I was such a jerk.

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