Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The 10 Year Reunion

What a difference 10 years makes. Beth and I fumbled our way through what looked like a war torn campus and parked in a patch of grass to attend our 10 year high school reunion this past weekend. Not sure quite what to expect, we dropped our duds (and our $50 bucks) and made a beeline for the bar (I had to get my money's worth AND mingling is a bit easier with a glass of shiraz anyway). I came out for the 5 year and it was OK...there was more of a turn out, but frankly, the kids were still cliquey. More fun had afterwards at Dolan's bar.

It would seem as though another 5 years mellowed us all. Girls I was friendly to, but not necessarily friends with were wonderful and sweet. People came from far off places like Colorado and Alaska. We talked of marriages, engagements, our jobs...good stuff and no drama :)

I'd say the best part about the event was seeing my friend Brian again. For no other reason, the reunion rocked because I saw him after 7 years. You know when you just realize you and your dear friend are slowly growing apart? I saw it happening...I knew it was happening for some months and I even knew I had to let it. It was treading some rocky waters and heading for a bad place. So I let it go before it went there. But I always felt guilty. I really valued our friendship and I really appreciated the chance to catch up.

So here are some shots from Dolan's Bar. In another few weeks, the official professional Class of 96 shot will be online so I will certainly add it for your viewing pleasure. You can see the one of everyone from 2001 here.

Me & Becky - Who knew? Her dad and my dad in the same line of business!?

Four hours, three glasses of Shiraz and a Guiness later...Shirley Temples are the way to go :)

Me, Litza & Brian

Nice group shot. Me, Litza, Brian, Beth & Becky
Even with 4 inch snazzy purple heels making me 5'7",
I am still the shortest peep here...

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