Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Guys & Dolls

So last night, I almost put a bullet through my head to end the misery I experienced watching only part of RENT, the musical. Some of this was my own doing...I haven't enjoyed musicals in about 10-12 years. Once upon a time, like when I was 14 and 15, I did. I took in Jesus Christ Superstar, Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Godspell, Fiddler on the Roof and a host of others. I remember liking them. But somewhere along the line, something happened...Was it in high school when I realized I couldn't enjoy them (being in them and/or watching) because there were too many people who wanted to be the next Broadway stars and made it entirely about them so it was no longer fun? Was it the complete cheesiness that came with hamming it up on stage as they sung? Everything always being completely exaggerated? It may have something to do with the drama queen ness of it all.

I remember hearing hype about RENT a while ago...years ago. But doing the whole Broadway thing was never my style. Dropping bucks to see a musical? It always seemed so NYC posh. Or so lame. But I thought I'd give it a whirl again, hence the reason I borrowed my coworker's RENT DVD. Now, I have no clue about the storyline. Whatever I expected, it wasn't it. Rock opera? Ick. Singing the entire time? Annoying. And nothing is more over the top ridiculous to me than that "master singer" sound. My Archmere peeps know what I mean. Everything so perfectly harmonious...tenors and sopranos carrying on. Which isn't always bad...it becomes DRIVE ME INSANE bad when its musical/opera story like. And I didn't even like the story. And I was angry at myself because WHY AREN'T THESE APPEALING & FUN FOR ME?!

The whole world raved about RENT...about Lion King...about Wicked. I mean, RENT reminded me never ever to think about seeing these musicals live or on DVD - ever again. In the mist of my confusion, anger and sorrow, I took more grief from my co-worker: "If that's all I got out of it, that's a real shame" since I could not appreciate it for its music and theme. Furthermore I "wasn't very open minded about the arts." Yes, it's a shame, but the open minded comment was BS. Completely. I see more art than this guy...in fact, I think it says a lot that I wanted to try the musical experience again. I can't help it if I hate it. And tough themes...I just prefer drugs and AIDs and East Village grit to be...real. And how are musicals real?

I don't know...I needed some reassurance though. I was very perplexed at my passionate anger toward the Musical so I want to my trusted source:

From me to the Source:
Is it just me or they [musicals] all pretty much SUCK? I tried watching RENT last night (and the Producers some time ago) and both times almost wanted to take a bullet to my head. My co-worker insists that I am not "open minded" to the arts and it's a real shame I hate musicals so much. I say the majority are pretty much lame and created for the people who want to think they know the arts and drop $50-300 on tickets to see the Broadway hype. I need some reassurance. I think it's OK to be a snob in this area?!
:) Chrissie

Source to me:
Guys and Dolls is the ONLY musical.

Me to Source:
LOL. Sit down, you're rockin the boat. How could I forget!? Thanks for the reassurance.

Source's final words:


Sigh of relief. I am OK. There are others out there like me and we will exist on our higher plane forever perplexed over the appeal of the Musical. Thank you Source for restoring my faith in classy people. Now I just need to restore my faith in the East Village.

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Rebecca-bakesale said...

Uh, Chris, I think you're forgetting something...
Something called The Sound of Motherf***ing Music!
Love it, live it, sing along every New Years.