Friday, October 06, 2006

The Sinking Ship

This photo pretty much captures my thoughts perfectly...Notice all the people going down with the shop...oops, Freudian slip, I mean, the ship...are men. Aware (or maybe unaware? In denial?) that it's happening and just going down, accepting it, business and fun as usual. The only smart one - the cute girl - is standing at the top like What the F? About to peace them all out.

There is this whole other breed of people in the world...a breed to which I will likely never belong. They are the heros, the saviors, the martyrs, the ones who go down with the ship...
While the rest of us watch...or don't watch because we are long gone.

It got me thinking - Why aren't I like that? Why won't I hold on, hold out, go 20 extra miles, bail out people, places, situations, put the sinking ship above everything else in my life, be the hero, the savior or the martyr that goes down with it?

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