Monday, October 09, 2006

Brown Eyed Girl

For those of you out there with horrific vision like mine, the eye doctor is always the most humbling experience. I typically go every 2 years as I should, however, not having vision insurance in '04 prevented me from doing my duty. So, it's been 4 years since I had an exam, 4 years since I had my glasses fitted with new lenses, 4 years with the same contact lens prescription.

A few months ago, I caught myself squinting to see something and I knew it was time to get it together and go. I hate that I sit in that chair and hold that little patch over one eye, then the next. I mean, why can't I just skip to the end? "No, I cannot see or read the last line!" Wah. As a kid in Catholic school, I always had these tests in the nurse's office and I always failed. Usually in front of several others. I would purposely procrastinate going. Or if I knew ahead of time, I would pretend sick. Anything to not be humiliated the way Catholic schools have a way of doing to children.

As I suspected, my vision had changed just a hair. Which isn't too bad considering it had been 4 years. The Dr. explained all the math and logic behind the vision and the bottom line is: without corrective lenses, I can see/read something clearly only if it's 3 inches in front of my face. Fantastic, huh?

So now I have a new pair of contacts and I scoped out some new frames. My existing ones are fine, but I always feel compelled to use my $100 free insurance money toward the frames since they run more than contacts. It's a toss up between a Revlon pair in "midnight ruby" and another pair by Beneton (who knew?) in "cranberry blue" which essentially is a deep violet. So we shall see...maybe in 2 weeks I'll have some new glasses. I'll have to post a photo.

Next up: the icky dentist. I loathe the dentist. Again though, with no dental until recently, no visit. Not that I'm bitchin about that one...but it's time. I have to suck it up. Thankfully, I've been pretty lucky there. I sure hope it continues.

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