Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Meltdown & The Glimmer of Hope

So I am at that critical point in one's job where "burnt out" is long gone as are "fed up/disgusted/need to quit" and "I don't care anymore." I've past them all in the race to leave and now I crossed the finish line...which happened to be at the edge of a cliff!
If not once a week, about twice a week, I break down and cry and scream at God because I am still here. He's probably glad I am speaking (or shouting rather) least I'm getting it out. I also succumbed to no longer actively seek out jobs but rather see what presents itself to me.

Maybe God heard me...maybe that's why this little horoscope crept in late Thursday. Maybe everything is going to be OK very soon?

From 10/26 Village Voice:

These are significant times, even if your personal life is not going through a transformation. Pieces of puzzles that have been off the table manage to show up in time to clarify the current picture. People you've lost track of make their presence felt in unusual ways. A fond hope you held years ago and abandoned along the way is suddenly a possibility again. Rearranging your memories and your priorities is a harbinger of what may happen in the next few weeks as Mercury prepares your Jupiter ruler for its upcoming transit through Sagittarius.

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